“Disaster Mitigation Action Card Game (DMAC)”,created by some members of G-Safety, is a game that allows its players to think quickly how to protect themselves from a disasters. DMAC can be played by several people and consists of simple rules that are similar to the ones of “karuta,”(Japanese cards). Through this game, players may share ideas with each other.
“Disaster Mitigation Action Card Game” is a registered trademark of Tohoku University in Japan.

【Key points】
(1) Quick decision making.
(2) Sharing Risk Awareness
(3) Universal Design (Pictograms)

(1) Game Master: Game organizer
(2) Sub Master: Facilitator in a group
(3) Players: 4-7 players in a group

【How to play】
(1) Lay all 27 cards face up.
(2) Game master reads a question. Players have to choose a card within 3 seconds.
*Let’s find another card if your target has been picked by another player.
(3) After all players have finished taking a card, please explain why you chose it to other players within 30 seconds.
(4) If everyone agrees with you, you gain one point. Everyone will clap hands.

【Samples of Question】
(1) You’re at a lecture room now.
An earthquake suddenly occurred.The buildings are strongly shaking.
What do you do?

(2) You’re now on your way home.
A large earthquake occurs. A tsunami warning was issued.
What do you do?

(3) You’re cooking in the kitchen.
You hear an alarm of Earthquake Early Warning.
What do you do?

(4) You’re in the subway station.
You see a sign hung from the ceiling shake.
What do you do?

(5) You’re at the beach.
A small earthquake occurred. People seem to do nothing.
What do you do?

【Lecture guidance】
Sometimes we have Lecture guidance. Please contact us directly for details.

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